Kirki Fonts fonts not working or wrong display

Some time ago, after updating the plugin, Kirki fonts stopped loading correctly, affecting their display in the browser. Currently, several tickets have been created for the plugin’s author, and we are waiting for an update. You can now install our plugin version that temporary solves this issue and revert to […]

WordPress Cashing Problem

WordPress includes built-in caching mechanisms for CSS and JS files in order to enhance website performance by reducing load time. However, there are instances where these caching mechanisms can lead to problems, such as outdated CSS or JS files being loaded, which can result in display issues on your website […]

WooCoomerce changed checkout and cart pages

The shopping cart and checkout pages in WooCommerce have undergone changes with the release of the latest version, making them more suitable for Guteberg. Our recommendation is to stick to the old method of using shortcodes, as it has been thoroughly tested and ensures stable functionality with most plugins. If […]

WordPress automatic translation

The GTranslate plugin for WordPress utilizes the automatic translation service provided by Google Translate to make your WordPress site multilingual and accessible to a wider audience. With over 103 languages available, your website will be accessible to more than 99% of internet users worldwide.

My wordpress website doesn’t work PHP 8

Please lower the php version to version 7 since many plugins and theme is not yet adapted to this version php 8 because it is relatively new.  To check the version of your site you need to download this file to the root and follow the link . Thanks

WordPress Theme Translate

All our themes is localized, which means it can easily be translated    to your own language(easy but quite time consuming) using free plugin Loco Translate . Using this instruction you also should check and translate all plugins that are present in the theme . You can hire our team for this work . […]

WordPress Theme Speed and optimization

Use the following plugins to speed up and optimize your site . Each setting is individual and depends on your server and content . Autoptimize HTML ,CSS , JavaScript and use images lazy load Async JavaScript Shortpixel – Optimization images Autoptimize + ShortPixel AI + CDN work Super Cashe Add […]

Refund process

You can start the refund process using this link, but you are required to provide reasons according to the rules of Envato. We recommend that you first get help on the support forum. We can consider refunds based upon the particular circumstances of your case. In practice, we usually require […]

Custom changes with Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil it is Visual CSS Style Editor For WordPress . Please use it to css customize your site . I recommend you to read all plugin documentation for learning all features! For any custom changes we provide a premium plugin Yellow pencil . With this plugin, you can make […]

Enabling wp_debug and check errors

Enabling WP_DEBUG will cause all PHP errors, notices and warnings to be displayed. This is likely to modify the default behavior of PHP which only displays fatal errors and/or shows a white screen of death when errors are reached. WP_DEBUG is a PHP constant (a permanent global variable) that can […]

I have problem

Please select one of the available options Problem with the installation Problem with the installation of the template Problem with the installation of the demo content Problem with the plugins Visual Composer or Rev Slider not activated Visual Composer or Rev Slider update Problem with the template work How I […]

WPML dropdown not work

Please adde this code in style.css .menu-item-language{ position:relative; } .menu-item-language:hover .submenu-languages{ display:block; } .submenu-languages{ display:none; position: absolute; left: 5px; padding: 10px; top: 28px; }

How can I upload a new icons set for my site?

Please use our plugin font icon loader for add new icon sets . After upload nothing has happened? Please use the correct zip structure . You must set permission 777 on the folder wp-content/plugins/font-icons-loader . You can manually add in  folder wp-content/plugins/font-icons-loader/fonts/newicons . Rename your css file to style.css

Activation and Update Bundles Plugins

If you have WPbakery (Visual Composer) , Elementor Page Builders, Revolution Slider , Yellow pencil , Kaswara , ACP Pro, PaidMembership with a theme which you’ve purchased from ThemeForest, then you don’t need to activate it. This option is for users who have purchased this plugin individually and officially allowed […]